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Qigong Healing
1st Year
2nd Year
3rd Year
4th Year
Post Graduate

1st yr.
Qigong Healing Program

This is a 100-hour program of four 25-hour classes that will integrate the theory, clinical applications, and personal practices of Qigong Healing / Medical Qigong. Classes should be taken progressively.

Next Cycle Begins October, 2019, Places Limited.

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2nd yr.
Qigong Healing Program

A 100-hour program of four 25-hour workshops that will integrate the theory, clinical applications, and practice of Qigong with advanced Energy-Body Healing(SM) practices.  Designed for Damaris’ 1st year students to start in Jan. (when they are almost one half way through their 8-month course), out of town students and practitioners of other disciplines, or by permission.

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3rd yr.
Qigong Healing Program

- Review 1st & 2nd Year Practice Class (Taught by Annie Roberts)

- Issues of Practice & Ethics, Group-Soul Fields, Dispelling Curses

- The Shu (Back)/Associated Effect Points

- Windows, Source and 5-Element Points

- Zhineng Breathing Exercises & “Place of Motive,” The Mu (Front)/Alarm Points

- Meeting Points, Environmental Energy, and 3-D Back Work

- Cleft Points, The 3 Jackys, Jing Dong, "Sophia Talk"

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3rd & 4th year may be taken simultaneously with permission


4th yr.
Qigong Healing Program

- Uncertainty Concept, Thrusting Channel Cauldrons, Lower & Possessive Energy

- Personal practice review, "Thoughts on The One", Obstructive Chi Scaring, Lu Lu Dao Yin, frequency readings

- Tsim Tsum, The Net and The Keys, consciousness into energy

- Husband-Wife Imbalance and Qigong Soul Retrieval

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Post Graduate Classes

Continuing the evolution of the work with a community of senior practitioners through exploring new concepts and innovations in the clinical aspects of our process in qigong healing.  We will practice together in nature, exchange treatments, stories, ‘new findings’, soak in the hot tubs, and more Lu Lu under the moon and stars.

Two, 2-3 Day Classes

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