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Damaris Jarboux


Damaris Jarboux

Founder & Director of The Center Place (1986) and Co-Founder & Director of The Body-Energy Center (1989) in Boulder, Co. She has had a full-time private practice for 20+ years and has taught Qigong, Healing Touch and her own Energy-Body Healing(sm) locally and internationally for 25 years to adults, parents of young children, and teens in High school settings, developing many programs for self, family care and clinical treatment along the way.

An RN for 40 years, she has also trained in Qigong, Healing Touch and Energy Medicine for over 30 years including a prolonged Asian trip and 4 extensive trainings in China. She has studied the mystical stream of Christianity and Anthroposophy for 25 years.

One of the 8 Founders of The National Qigong Association (NQA) in 1996, she holds their highest certifications, a Level 4 Teacher and Advanced Clinical Therapist. She has been a certified Healing Touch Practitioner for 15 years.

She has a clinical practice with a community of healers at The Center Place, a 2-5 year training program in Qigong Healing (Medical Qigong) & semi-annual Holy Wisdom Retreats.

Damaris can be reached at:
(303) 447-0484
[email protected]

Annie Roberts

Annie Roberts

Annie Roberts has been in private practice specializing in medical qigong since 1995. Before practicing energy work she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in biology continuing on to become a Doctor of Optometry. She practiced optometry for ten years before beginning her qigong studies under Damaris Jarboux at The Center Place in Boulder Colorado. She completed the 4 year practitioner program and continues her studies through the on-going post graduate program. She currently teaches The Center Places’ eight month first year Body-Energy Practitioner Training.

After completing the program Annie honed her skills by volunteering for seven years at Hospice of Metro Denver where she worked with the terminally ill and their families. In 1999 she traveled to Beijing, China where she studied various qigong applications in three Chinese hospitals. During the summer of 2005 she was invited to teach at Tai Chi Caledonia, an international tai chi conference held in Sterling, Scotland.

Annie has been an active member of the National Qigong Association since 1998. She has served on many different NQA committees including as Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson of the Certification Committee, Vice President of the NQA and, most recently, Chairperson of the NQA Board of Directors
Annie has offices located in Arvada and at The Center Place in Boulder Colorado. Her normal fee is $80/hour.

Annie can be reached at:
[email protected]



Sherry Bauer

YEAR TWO of Qigong Healing Program is taught by SHERRY BAUER. Sherry has been in private practice doing Qigong Healing, Shiatsu and Bodywork since 1996. Besides her 20+ years of study at The Center Place with Damaris Jarboux, she has traveled to China several times, studying Medical Qigong at major hospitals with qigong doctors and masters. Sherry has taught Qigong Healing, Shiatsu and Energy Medicine since 2000 at institutions such as the Boulder College of Massage Therapy, Southwest Acupuncture College and Boulder Massage Therapy Institute. She is Certified by the NQA as a Level III Advanced QiGong Instructor and a Clinical QiGong Practitioner.


Sherry can be reached at:
[email protected]



Claudia McLaren Lainson

Claudia McLaren Lainson has been a Waldorf educator for the past 26 years, teaching both Waldorf Kindergarten and adult courses and workshops in Anthroposophic Studies. Claudia studied Therapeutic Education with Gradalis Institute and has been in private practice in Boulder since 1998, helping children and parents meet the challenges facing so many families today. Claudia has raised three children, and she is the founder of Windrose Academy outside of Boulder, Colorado. Windrose is an academy dedicated to developing the consciousness concordant with her vision of the
emerging impulses of the 21st century.


Claudia can be reached at:
(303) 661-9579
[email protected]





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